Disconnections from the discussion panel


Disconnection issues on the discussion panel can occur when the internet connection is experiencing micro-disconnections, because of network stability problems. The chat protocol is more sensitive than a classical http protocol. So it can be that you don't notice them while surfing on the internet but they can still impact the connection to the discussion panel.

Here are some tips that will help prevent disconnections:

1/ Avoid using Wifi / 3G / 4G networks

A Wifi connection will always be less stable than a wired connection (RJ45 cable). This is why we advise not to use Wifi networks.
3G and 4G networks can also have the same stability issues, depending on your provider.

2/ Use a computer instead of mobile devices (tablets, smartphone)

The iAdvize discussion panel is currently not optimized for smartphones. So we advise experts to log into iAdvize from a computer. Moreover smartphones and tablets require to use Wifi or 3/4G connections.

3/ Make sure sufficient bandwidth is available

To ensure the smooth functioning of the discussion panel, we estimate that 1.5 to 2Mbps are needed. The mirroring function - replicating the visitor's page in the discussion panel background - needs sufficient bandwidth available in order to work properly.

If disconnections occur on a regular basis, your bandwidth is certainly not sufficient.

In that situation we encourage you to free up bandwidth by performing these actions:

  • Stop ongoing downloads
  • Avoid using audio or video steaming services when connected to iAdvize
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