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You don't know the answer to a question or you are not available? You can transfer the visitor to a professional agent.

As an expert, you may be confronted to visitor's questions to which you cannot answer.
Whether there is an issue with an order or with a bill, transfer the request to a professional agent is the solution. In this case, you should thus use the "forward" function.

Note : This function is only available for your community if professional agents are also dedicated to the website on which you are chatting.
It is not possible to transfer chats between experts. 

1/ Where can I find this transfer function? 

While you are chatting, click on the pictogram that you will find on the left side of the chat box. You will then see several options like the one to forward a visitor.

2/ How to use the forward option 

From the actions menu, clic on "Forward this visitor" to open the transfer window: 

Before forwarding the chat, it is recommended to inform the agent by writing a short comment even if he will receive a notification that it is a transferred chat. 

(1) We recommend you to indicate the reason for forwarding. Example: "Problem with an order". This will allow the agent to have an idea about the subject. 

(2) Once the reason has been indicated, you'll have to select to which agent you would like to forward the chat. Therefore, clic on the pictogram  to validate the transfer. The chat will automatically be closed on your side. 

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