The live feed


The live feed allows the community experts to communicate with each other. Any expert can post a message (like a tweet), and the community manager can also interact with you.

To open the live feed, click the icon  from your discussion panel. A panel will open on the right, it allows you to see the last messages posted.

(1) Post a new message

Here you can add a new message to the live feed.

(2) Post a comment on an existing message

Click this icon  to see all the comments posted for a specific message (10 comments for the current example). An input field allows you to post a comment too.

(3) Save another expert in your favorites

When your mouse cursor is over another expert's message, a grey star will be displayed.

Clicking this star will add this user to your favorites. After that all the messages posted by this user will be marked by a yellow star to make them more noticeable. You can also display only the messages posted by users among your favorites by clicking "Display only favorites".

(4) Like a message or a comment

Click this icon  to like a message or a comment, it will turn into green. The number is showing the number of likes for this message.

When a new message is posted, a notification is displayed in your livefeed to inform you that a new message has been published.

Click the notification to see this message.

Note : New features will come shortly to enhance your user experience. Thank you for your patience!



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